Artifacts Presentation

The artifact exercise is meant to be a jumping-off point to the other assignments that you will all hand in at the end of the semester.

So when you think of something you would like to share with your class, prepare to discuss these few questions:

      1. Why are you interested in this artifact?
      2. How does this artifact relate to the themes we have discussed in our class?
      3. In what ways does this artifact contribute to your understanding of urban life?

So even if it is a short presentation, I would like you all to come prepared to discuss your artifacts. But remember, pick things you like and have fun with it! This is an opportunity for you to be creative with your analysis and to be analytical with your creativity.

Students’ work:

NYC Subway” by Alyssia Chok

New York’s corner stores (Bodegas)” by Isabelle Ma

Parking… Where?” by Joselyn Avila

Bushwick Collective” by Kimberly Pacheco

Times Square Ball Drop” by Melissa Jesmin

Stonewall” by Grace Hwang