Reflection – Group 4


Group Reflection Paper

The Documenting Communities Project was a unique experience for all of us. We each undertook different roles in order to compile an informing and interesting video. The following is what each member of the group did in regard to the project:


My experience working on this project was very informative. As a researcher, I got to learn the impact many artists have amount young adults. As well the role of social media, with the connection these young adults get with their favorite artists. Social media allows fans / supporters to view a glimpse of the life of their favorite artists. Social media is a very big form of literature since it provides information all around the world. People connect with one another through different forms of social media. Social media allows many fans to come together and express their opinions. Even in sad times, as the death of artist it allows these fans to support one another with their favorite moments. The research allowed me to see many fan pages created in support for many artists. It’s not easy for young adults to deal with death but through social media they have one another. Overall, this project was a great experience in allowing me to view social media as a significant piece of literature.

Evelyn Velesaca:

My experience undertaking this project was interesting and informative. I got to learn different perspectives on how the deaths of young artists impacted young adults and the role of social media. Literature has great significance in the social world. With the help of social media, literature has made its way to a greater audience. I interpreted social media as a form of literature. In my opinion, social media should be considered a form of literature since it provides various types of information to people around the world. Literature intersects our life because of social media. With the help of social media we are informed of anything that happens in the world. Various tweets from fans of these artists depict metaphors. Many fans regard these artists as their life, inspiration, motivation to continue forward, etc. Overall, I enjoyed editing and producing this video project.


I had a great time doing this project. I learned that literature can influence the way people cope with loss of their favorite singers. Especially now, 21st century everything is based on social media, so it became a form of literature. Before, people couldn’t take online sources or social media seriously, but now it’s the main source of information. Comments and posts created by fans that show their feelings include many examples of literary elements. It was fun and at the same time sad to research deaths and reactions of fans. It made me realize that people come together during dark times and social media brings them even closer which eases the coping.

Yverson Saint-Vil:

I had a great experience working on this project. At first, we had trouble finding a topic that wasn’t conflicting with the other group project. Within a week after, Pop-Smoke was killed. So, we came up with the idea to do research on the violence in the music Community. When I started doing research, I was able to relate a couple of my favorite artists that had similar tragedy. The age of most of these artists shock me the most. They were impacting so many lives at a very young age and my life as well. A lot of my friends are fans of these artists, most couldn’t do the interviews because of the deep topic. But eventually I found one that was willing, and it was interest getting the reaction. Making the edits of my video was devastating. I found the actual video of the Xxxtentacion shooting and I had to cut it short. The social media reaction was also very sad. I’m happy I took part of that research which gave me a new perspective of the world. I hope all the fans heal from the violence.